How to Approach Any Girl Without Ever Hesitating Again.

Destroy Approach Anxiety: The Secrets That Make Meeting Gorgeous Girls Easy...


Whether via nature or nurture, you have developed some sort of fear when it comes to approaching women. Think you're alone? Guess again. A good 95% of the guys around you probably have the same issue. This is something that over the years has made a permanent home in your mind and every time you try and attack it, you feel resistance. Mastering this course will put you in the 5% INSTANTLY.


Develop that feeling of being entitled and in control when you know that she's already more into you then she realizes herself. Your true self comes out genuinely when you approach powerfully and with fun & intent.


You’re actually just a great person, and you’re going to be able to approach all the time, whenever you want to do it! Changing your state will drastically change the course of your interactions and eventually help you get laid. 


A lot of people will have approach anxiety because they’re thinking in their minds about what might happen… In actual fact, a lot of times the girls may be responsive and not be as bitchy as you may fear. With Sami's personal experience, stories and personal worksheets, you are set up for a life of abundance! 

Your Step-By-Step Guide Carefully Constructed Towards Results

6 Weeks Of Adventure that will will help you Crush Your Anxieties With HOT Girls.
Week 1:
Fearless Mindset

1 video +  amazing challenge

Discover how you can be fearless, the natural in full force.

Week 3:
Crushing Your Comfortzone

1 video + your power action plan

For unique excercise, ask yourself:

What will I become if I master this? This is what you can achieve.

Week 5:
Overcome Any Rejection

1 video + hilarious drop-the-bomb joke

No rejection is "real" it's just a misunderstanding. We make sure you have a special joke to make any situation hilarious.

Week 2:
Secrets of Freedom

1 video +  success habit trick

Imagine that you're really free from any outcome. It's possible, within days.

Week 4: 
Crazy Situations Mastery

1 video + incredible public workout

Always wondered what it would feel like to be a star in your own movie? This is what we cover here.

Week 6:
Carefree Daygame Guide

1 video + daygame mayhem  

Not only do we teach you how to feel judgement free, we also make sure you get the actual strategy for getting numbers in daygame.

Based On Infield Experience For Success

I spent years developing different exercises to handle different students and their unique sticking points until I had built a good enough system that I felt confident that could help ANYONE that was willing to put in the work!

I decided to test this theory and flew to London where I worked with a Psychiatrist and helped him develop a system of exercises that could help even those with the absolute worst level of social anxiety. To be honest, I was way over my head and thought I had aimed too high, but guess what?

I managed to work with some of the hardest cases that I have ever seen and much to my surprise, even those with really bad cases of social anxiety were able to not only learn how to deal and overcome their approach anxiety, they even started to have fun with it!

Discover What's Inside Your Success Guide

HD Video Course With Weekly Videos - Access On Demand From Any Device

Whether you're at work, on the way to class, or even sitting at home, you'll be able to watch and follow the program from any device and then take action as soon as you're done. You'll be able to carry out all the exercises in any city you currently live in, no matter where you are.

Total Value: $197


Special Bonus: 1 Hour Infield Breakdown

Chode to Pimp: Sami's Total Transformation

Get Access To Sami's 1 Hour Day Game Infield Break Down Where He Shows His Transformation At His Very Worst, Right Up Until His Very Best.

This Footage Has Only Been Seen Once Ever By A Live Audience And The Value It contains Is Priceless!

You'll see how Sami transformed himself in a few days from a total beginner with high anxiety, to killing it in the field. Getting numbers. And even getting laid!

See Him Get Rejected, Build On His Interactions, & Come Back A Full On Pimp!

Regular Price: $197

Read these Experiences before you order...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

It really didn't make much sense to me but slowly I started letting go and I completely stopped caring. Now I actually start off my day with these exercises to warm up and then go into the real approaches. The warming up phase is something I enjoy waking up for!

Damien, New York City
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The exercises we went through over the 6 weeks were actually great fun and helped me get over my approach anxiety! At first I wasn't sure what their purpose was, but as we went along I started caring less and less about social judgement. As a result I'm more confident not just with women, but in the office as well.

Louis, Los Angeles
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Hey man, I am writing the report now and will post it today. And, btw, I got the writing job at my university, so i will be going soon to NY. I just feel the need to let you know about this small successes because I feel they are coming as a part of the different mentality I've been embracing and learning during the program. thanks a lot for everything!

Philip, Amsterdam
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

She's Waiting For You To Say Hi Don't Ever Miss Out On An Opportunity Again

So, What Is This Course Really?


  • A 100% in field experience by REAL approaches.
  • In depth videos plus unique downloads.
  • A step-by-step action and motivation guide.
  • Your ticket to a life of abundance with women without fear.


  • Not just a cheap ordinary eBook that leaves you behind with just more questions.
  • No hours of long bullshit talk without action and bringing in all kinds of irrelevant stuff.
  • Not ordinary dating advice that is based on some guy sitting in a basement, thinking he knows it all.
Break Through Your Fears in 6 Weeks

This will probably be the best decision you ever made. I just can't imagine it any other way.

But, if after this course (60 days) you don't feel that you've grown or improved, then I will pay back your investment immediately. Send me an email and I will fully refund you. No hard feelings.

So, order Destroy Approach Anxiety at my risk, today.

It will literally change your life, forever.

Bonus Section, No Excuses For Success!

If you think you've seen it all, think again. Success is a result of dedication and therefore we make sure that you get all the resources you can possibly need to really make this course a success. 

Access to the Family Mastermind

You’ll be entered into a secret mastermind group on Facebook, where you can ask questions whenever they may rise, and we’ll be able to answer them and try to see what angles we may solve any issues that you get during your daily exercises. 

Minimal Value: $295


Personal Helpdesk For Your Questions

We don’t just throw you in the deep end and hope you swim, we make sure you have support long after you’ve joined the program. After completing destroy approach anxiety, you may face questions, or want to share your stories and ask for some new exercises to keep going. We help you over email and Facebook, and always answer all your questions within 24 hours. 

Minimal Value: $197


Personal Action Plan For Excellence

Next to the theory, you will be given tasks to complete at the end of each video. These assignments have been designed and used on thousands of guys I've worked with since 2008 with fantastic results. They will start off easy and gradually get harder as you go along. All instructions are combined in your downloadable action plan.

Minimal Value: $175


... And Much, Much More

In Destroy Approach Anxiety you'll get hours of footage, checklists, PDF's, hidden camera footage of Sami in practice & much more... 

Actually, it's too much to mention. What you see here, is just the top of the iceberg.


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What Will It Be For You?

The biggest regret I hear from most guys is almost AlWAYS the same: I wish I started this years ago.

This is such a common regret with guys that they end up working their ass off during the program just to make up for lost time.
Don't let that regret be yours as well.

Boost your learning curve and cut down time wasted trying to learn this stuff on your own. I've gotten thousands of guys over their approach anxiety in just a simple weekend training.

These exercises have helped even the worst case client become fearless, confident men.

NOW it's YOUR chance to practice at home, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME it suits you.

$197 only $97

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  • 6 Weeks of Course Material
  • Family Mastermind Access
  • Personal Helpdesk (24H)
  • Downloadable Action Plan
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  • Immediately start by your own

100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • 6 Weeks of Course Material
  • Family Mastermind Access
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  • Downloadable Action Plan
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download


  • 1 Hour Of Skype Coaching with Sami Moa

100% Money Back Guarantee

$597 only $397

(Total value = $1901)

  • 6 Weeks of Course Material
  • Family Mastermind Access
  • Personal Helpdesk (24H)
  • Downloadable Action Plan
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download


  • 4 Hours Of Skype Coaching with Sami Moa

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